Build connections WITH stories

Since the beginning of time, stories have encouraged us to empathize with strangers in strange lands; to form authentic bonds with others — and, in the process, perhaps better understand ourselves.

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STORYLINES. make connections.

Storylines takes this tradition of storytelling into the 21st century with imaginative workshops using new media, virtual reality, and the expressive arts to inspire long-lasting connections in the work place, the classroom, and everyday life.



Take a look at the pages within and you'll see an artful approach to team-building, personal learning, and professional development that supports meaningful and authentic connections.

Our work is fun, flexible, and challenging as we guide you towards mastering your own storyline — and, the storylines of others.


"I had the pleasure of being part of a Storylines Team-Building Workshop and thought it was amazing! The workshop was an opportunity for me to be creative, take risks and to connect with other people in a meaningful way. Joe was a wonderful facilitator — friendly and encouraging. Definitely not your average team-building experience." 

— J. Territo, Take the Cake, not-for-profit organization (A Kevin Bacon 6Degrees Honoree)