storylines connect.

Since the beginning of time, stories have encouraged us to walk a mile in another person’s shoes; to empathize with strangers in strange lands and, in the process, perhaps better understand ourselves.

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empathy unites.

Like an actor stepping into the skin of a character, empathy provides the perspective required to view life through the eyes of another; empathy is the magic elixir which bonds and connects people together.


engagement inspires.

There is a direct correlation between engagement, and quality of life.

Close and active engagement with others inspires innovation, health, and financial reward.

Our workshops drive engagement by connecting people using empathy + storytelling of all kinds.

We use traditional narrative, new media, and the expressive arts to provide a unique and powerful experience for personal and professional development, team-building, and events.


"I had the pleasure of being part of a Storylines Workshop and thought it was amazing! The workshop was an opportunity for me to be creative, take risks and to connect with other people in a meaningful way. Joe was a wonderful facilitator — friendly and encouraging. Definitely not your average team-building experience." 

— J. Territo, Take the Cake, not-for-profit organization (A Kevin Bacon 6Degrees Honoree)