Our storyline...

Since the beginning of time, stories have encouraged us to walk a mile in another's shoes; to have compassion for strangers in strange lands; to make profound connections in our lives — and, the lives of others. 

Stories can be used to heal, to unify, to build confidence, and to inspire creativity when the well runs dry.

In the workplace, storytelling supports productivity by helping to shape clear messages and strategic goals; to create authentic connections and harmony between people and teams. 

With this in mind, we've spent the last few years creating workshops designed to teach people how to approach stories in new and exciting ways. In doing so, we've discovered wonderful tools for personal and professional development combining storytelling with the expressive arts.

Our work is holistic. By tapping into the intrinsic power of storytelling, we use a streamlined mind-body-digital approach to spark immediate growth in a short period of time through fun and fast-paced learning experiences. 

storylines...make connections.