Clinton Elementary Workshop

Last year, I had the honor of writing, devising, and directing the Transition scenes for the Clinton Elementary School Show — California to Clinton: The Great American Road Show. We had a blast telling the story of Josie, the Jersey girl who fell through the glass of her iPad after watching WAY too much YouTube. To escape, she texted clues to members of the Clinton Coding Club to assemble the passcode and get her out. Lesson learned!  

Digital Performance Workshop

In this performance + technology workshop with NYU students, a multilinear story-performance was devised over the course of 10-weeks. What transpired was a better understanding of the role technology plays in our everyday lives. In the end, four stories were interwoven into a single narrative called [Dimension] about a picnolepic theatre director's quest to stage Hamlet in outer space. Inspired by Paul Virilio's  Aesthetics of Disappearanceit turns out we're all a little picnoleptic...

Creative Knowledge Workshop

There are many ways to tell a story. Here we combined poetry, video, and dance on a site-specific stage to tell a story of healing. The construction site eventually became what is now the New York Times Building in Times Square, located directly across from Port Authority, where Dean & Delucca sits. This video was originally used to augment a live stage performance with the dancer in red walking through the projection screen, into the video. Created after 9/11, collective healing was on everyone's mind.  

Conceptual Art Workshop

The clip below is one of 54 others planned for exhibition in New York City during the Summer of 2006 entitled: 54 Weeks. Unfortunately, only five (5) of the pieces were completed; we lost our leader to Leukemia. 54 Weeks refers to the Biblical texts aligned with each of the 54 Weeks of the year. Text was remixed and recorded to convey the fragmented meanings of language. Conceived and Directed by Dr. Barbara Rose Haum.  

Hybrid Workshops

Hybrid Workshops were created to train hybrid actors; those who work with new technologies in performance. Visionary directors inside and outside the theatre have experimented with new digital technologies such as Virtual Reality, midi sensors, telepresence, and video manipulation to test the boundaries of storytelling. As the technical capabilities of performance evolved, new categories emerged: Mixed-Reality, Interactive Drama, Dramatic Media, Digital Performance, Performance Media, Virtual Theatre.

Internet2 Workshop #1

Disrupting Pharaoh's Dream 
Perhaps the first use of Internet2 for performance art as opposed to music or musical theater, Professor Barbara Rose Haum of the NYU Steinhardt School of Education collaborated with Janet Davidson-Hues and Maria Velasco of the University of Kansas in this extension of Haum's Lunar Performances series. The Arts Technology Group worked with NYU-TV to produce this first Internet2 event staged in their studios. Conceived and Directed by Dr. Barbara Rose Haum.

30 Day Workshop

For several years, The 30 Day Project has hosted a virtual workshop challenging artists, writers, and musicians to create a singular piece of art every day for 30 Days. Working with my colleague, Jason Franzen, I wrote a piece of poetry or prose everyday for 30 days, while he translated my words into a visual graphic. Putting the 30 pieces together back-to-back created an atmospheric visual tone poem for display inspired by Brian Eno's 77 million paintings.