design your storyline

"Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been based on a very simple principle: Step into the shoes of another person to understand how they are different, and in the process, perhaps better understand ourselves."  — Robert Lepage, Quebecois Director

In the theatre, actors are trained to “get into the skin” of a character. When one person understands another person's plight, mirror neurons within your central nervous system activate your capacity for empathy. 

Through a series of exercises, participants explore a variety of ways stories can be told. In the process, they discover new ways to understand others; whether it's a stranger, or the person sitting next to them.

In simple terms, transferring and embodying another person's narrative binds people together in unimaginable ways.

When you define a clear narrative that connects your past to your present, you can then better design the path to your future — or, re-design your storyline in a myriad ways to your advantage.