Found and Assembled

Beyond written and performed storytelling, I sometimes sculpt with objects to form a different kind of narrative. To me, found objects tell stories in unusual ways. While some stories naturally jump out and surprise, others lay dormant under long-term investigation, patiently waiting for an empathic observer to create the connection between object and desire.

Whether grappling with digital media or scraping dirt from beneath my finger nails, all forms of expressive storytelling provide the means to explore the unconscious, collectively — or, alone in my garden.


"Found objects are always powerful on their own and rarely need enhancement. I like how you kept it simple by only combining a minimum of elements."

— Richard Polsky, Author of I Bought Andy Warhol and The Art Prophets and
Official Art Authenticator for the works of Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Haring.  

Christ on a Shoestring.jpg

Artist: -j.2u
Christ on a Shoestring (Found 1991, Assembled 2017)
Silver pendant on shoestring with steel wire and horseshoe nails on wood.
8 in x 14 in
Price: $175

Not a Fan.jpg

Artist: -j.2u
Not a Fan (Estimated 1936, Found 1984)
General Electric oscillating desktop fan, discovered 6-feet underground in Marin County, CA.
8 in x 7 in
Price: $325

The River Door.jpg

Artist: -j.2u
River Door (Found 2015)
Small steel utility door for an unknown function. Found in a river in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA
Mounted on wood with aged carpenter nails.
7.25 in x 4.5 in
Price: $75



Artist: -j.2u
Love, American-Style (Found 2016) SOLD
Enamel-coated heart pendant embossed with the flag of the United States on silver chain.
Found in grass outside Underhill Field in Maplewood, NJ.
Mounted on long-blade AstroTurf™ with silver nails.
1.25 in x 2.5 in
Price: $75, or returned to owner when identified