Storylines in Africa 
The Road to Nairobi 


In 2017, Storylines was invited to lead a presentation on therapeutic value of storytelling at the 4th Annual JENGA Training Conference in Nairobi, Kenya.

Donations were collected from family & friends and provided to several schools and an orphanage.

This film captures a road trip to visit these organizations.

More information can be found HERE


Runtime: 22 minutes

Conceived + Directed by Joseph Alan Wachs
Additional footage by John Shimoli Kalani
Equipment: iPhone 6S Plus (only)
© 2017 | Storylines Expressive Media 

Stories communicate ideas that drive the listener into the inner world of the imagination...This inner world helps the East African people share their own understandings through their own personal language.
— Githanda Githae, Storyteller, Kenya

In Association with JENGA
The East African Psycho-Social Mental Health Network

Nairobi, Kenya