design your storyline

"Your life has been marked in unique ways, and these marks — whether you know it or not — determine how you live your life, what quests you pursue, and what you are equipped to say with passion and authority..."  — Michael Rabiger, Filmmaker

Like a movie plot, your storyline is the sequence of events that defines who you are and what you stand for; your message, your legacy.

A well-defined storyline points you in a clear direction and gives you the passion to speak with authority.  When you take control and own the marks of your storyline, you have the opportunity to multiply the impact you have on others. 

We each have our own storyline to define. By designing our storyline as a clear narrative to define who we are and where we came from. By connecting our past to our present, we can better shape the direction we plan to travel in our future.

With a narrative defined by limited beliefs, we have the power to rewrite our storyline to our advantage.