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For over 30 years I've worked with children + adults to mix elements of performance, business, and design to connect people with brilliant ideas.

In 2004, I was awarded an interdisciplinary Masters Degree from The Gallatin School at New York University with an emphasis on Digital Storytelling, Performance, and Technology Studies. 

Since 2004, I've worked closely with More Simple to provide design solutions and brand messaging to hundreds of new business ventures through storytelling.

With More Simple, I co-founded First F15teen and became editor of select publishing titles including the Streamline Certified series for professional communications.

In 2009, First F15teen published Treehouse, a love story told across five mobile apps, referenced in the Johns Hopkins Guide to New Media as an example of a modern email-based narrative.

I've taught workshops to children and adults across the globe and locally, always with a unique and progressive approach to storytelling.  



Listening + feedback demand serious introspection. This is why much of my work is dedicated to improving the manner in which people are able to listen to one another.

Last year, I had the honor of bringing my approach to Nairobi, Kenya to participate in The 4th Annual JENGA Conference for The East African Network on Global Mental Health to discuss the intrinsic therapeutic value of storytelling to a consortium of clinical therapists from six countries.

My work has proven to help unify teams, to teach empowering creative leadership skills, and to develop immediate confidence and executive presence for all people involved.

And, it's fun! 

What’s your storyline?

Joseph Alan Wachs
Storylines x-Media
Storylines. Make connections.


Joe Wachs holds an MA from New York University in Performance and Technology with an emphasis on Digital Storytelling and a BA in Theatre Philosophy & American Poetry from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. He lives with his brilliant wife and dynamite kid in Maplewood, NJ.