how we work 

After a brief consultation, we'll design a fun and challenging experience specifically customized for the size and character of your group.


focused workshop 

We'll then facilitate the workshop, spending time with participants on a weekly basis. 

Or, we can schedule a one-day workshop on an off-site location to allow all participants to focus deeply on the tasks at hand. 

The form and structure depends on you.


time for storytime 

The time we spend together will culminate in a storytelling event; your storytellers will provide a wonderful program of original work surrounded by artisan meats and cheeses, fine wine, and other world-class delectables. 


Or, we may keep the workshop private and explore a variety of themes and concepts important to the group. This is an opportunity to dig a bit deeper into some of the ideas that arise. 



Ultimately, the workshop will be an opportunity to explore a variety of ideas drawing people together with empathy and understanding. As always, we promise a unique and powerful experience along the way.