Team Building through Storytelling

When people work together to craft and share stories, they create unbreakable bonds with deep insight and understanding.

Unity + Trust

In team building, a compelling story can greatly improve the dynamics of any working group. To this end, we've developed an approach to group storytelling that further establishes lasting team unity called: The Story Exchange.  

The Story Exchange

The Story Exchange model supports a shared storytelling experience, which yields unique team bonding in a short period of time. The results are often surprising, sometimes funny, and always inspiring. 

Feedback + Listening

Dynamic feedback and effective listening are integral parts of the program.  We work with specific frameworks to improve these skills, which strengthens public storytelling and improves business communications by design.    


Participants of our workshops will learn how to improve their interpersonal communications through storytelling, along with new ways to listen and provide feedback. They will acquire honest insights about themselves and their colleagues with a sense of clarity and confidence. 


We recommend a two-hour (2hr) session once per week for a minimum of six weeks. Workshops culminate as a performance with audio + video files posted privately to our password-protected Storyline Storybook.