The Story Exchange was designed to create authentic connections between people and ideas using a modern approach to storytelling. 

In team building, a compelling storytelling experience can greatly improve the working dynamics of colleagues by building trust and empathy to support change and personal growth. The Story Exchange provides a safe, yet evocative environment to support the creativity and imagination required for storytelling to make an impact on the group and the individual. 

There are several storytelling modules used in our workshops. The variety of modules give participants the opportunity to choose the manner in which they would like to tell their story; to provide a traditional storytelling experience, or something more progressive. One example of progressive would be stories that are literally 'exchanged' using our Joint-Storytelling technique. This is a creative approach to storytelling whereby two colleagues craft a story together. Other approaches include the traditional format of one person commanding the stage to share their story; another relies heavily on digital media. In simple terms, we use multiple elements of writing, performance, digital media, and the expressive arts to yield exciting, creative, and unexpected results.

Through these workshops, participants will learn how to communicate a streamlined story in a variety of ways. They will build confidence and presence on-stage and off. Most importantly, they will acquire honest and authentic connections by viewing colleagues through an alternate, compassionate lens. 

We recommend at least one 2.5 hour session per week for six weeks. Workshops culminate as a performance with audio files posted to our Storyline Storybook. 

Storytelling makes connections.