Our Workshops

We custom-design our workshops for corporate groups and individuals using a series of tools and techniques  honed over years of creative business.

For an idea of what's available for your company, take a look at the descriptions below. We will design a flexible program that fits your team and evolve the workshop based on the character of the group or individual. 

Storytelling Workshops: 

> Team Building
> Team Development
> Augmented Storytelling
> Networked Collaboration
> Therapeutic Storytelling
> Feedback + Listening
> Expressive Arts
> Creative Flow

A Few Testimonials...

"I enjoyed working with Joe as a fellow instructor and pedagogical collaborator, as well as a storytelling student. Joe has a wide-open creative aperture and approaches each of his clients with curiosity, empathy and a sense of narrative adventure. He is willing and able to meet the story content where it is and take it where it wants to go. A true digital shaman with a commitment to successful stories in whatever shape or form they arise."

Elizabeth Trundle, Storyteller, Author 


"I had the pleasure of being part of an initial Storylines Workshop and I thought it was amazing! The workshop was an opportunity for me to be creative, take risks and to connect with other people in a meaningful way. Joe was a wonderful facilitator -- friendly and encouraging and always making sure each of us were given the time and attention needed. We also spent time learning about and practicing various types of effective and respectful feedback -- a skill beneficial in storytelling and in the rest of life. Overall, a lot of fun and a chance to learn about myself and others,"

— Janine Territo, Takes The Cake, a not-for-profit organization

"Last night someone mentioned the value of meaningful conversations. Aside from creative growth, this class has presented an opportunity to have in-depth discussions about things that matter — privilege, choices, pain, love, and of course...wine!  So welcome in this time of uncertainty.  Thank you!" 

— Mary Carlin, Riverside Digital

"Storylines really opened my eyes with ideas about how to combine my words with other media. Now I feel my stories are in 3D! Joe has a lot to offer, for sure."

- Stacy Basko, Writer and Recipe Developer, @SBasko


"I was fortunate to be able to participate on Joe's inaugural run. It was such a good experience on a number of levels, not least of which is that he does a great job facilitating and balancing the discourse."

- Hank Zona, Writer + Wine Enthusiast, The Grapes Unwrapped