The Story Exchange is designed to strengthen group dynamics and build confidence using a progressive and modern approach to storytelling. 

Stories are exchanged and crafted using our joint-storytelling technique, which supports colleagues working together in pairs. We also work in traditional storytelling formats with one person alone at the mic supporting a story with digital media and artifacts. The specific approach we take depends on the group. Either way, results are often surprising and always exciting.  

Workshops take place according to your schedule. We recommend at least one 2.5 hour session per week for six weeks. Workshops culminate with a performance and audio files posted to our Storyline Storybook.

Workshops begin at $2,500 for six or more people. Less than 10 is preferred for dedicated attention. 
Workshops can be as many as 25 people for special events with additional staff on board.  

Please feel free to reach out for an assessment at no cost: